Sunday, January 3, 2010


We kicked off 2010 with a fun trip out of the 80 degree weather and entered some real winter weather. This was our first road trip and the kids did fantastic. They all loved playing in the snow, and my baby girl wanted to go faster and backwards down the tubing hills... ahhhh!!! (enter my freaked out face here)

2009 was a great year. We were fortunate to go on some amazing adventures as a family, the kids have become even closer and I think I learned a lot about parenting this year.

I am excited and a little impatient to enter into 2010. This could be the year we get our referral and meet our sweet boy. I have to admit I am getting pretty anxious to get through the whole waiting part of this process. I can't wait to meet our next son and learn who he is.
And, my New Year's resolution is to become a more active and healthy family.


T. Navis said...

Very cute! Where did you guys go?

Calmil2 said...

Love the snow pictures!! And the I "heart" Shea picture!! So, does this mean you're home? When are we getting together for pizza, oh, I just had some tonight, so I guess not tomorrow :)

Rachael and Jon said...

what is the "i love Shea?" is that going to be your son's name? if so, how do you pronounce it? Shay (like pray?)

Blog Owner said...

I heart Shea too!!! That's my son's name, except it is spelled Shay. Shay Mateo! (We were originally going to name him Shayson Mateo, and just call him Shay for short; but now we are considering just officially naming him Shay Mateo (still haven't done the "official" name change yet as he was adopted from Guatemala. [If your not going to name your son Shea... just disregard this message, lol.] Many blessings on your adoption journey.
Your friend, Carla, from the SocalEthio board ;)