Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yay!!!...Our Yard Sale was a huge success. I just wanted to say Thank You to all of our friends and family that donated items for us to sell... this would not have been as successful without your help and support.

Neat side story... we advertised our sale as an adoption fundraiser and it was so neat to hear how people were connected to adoption. We had someone come who had been adopted, several grandparents of parents that are waiting, people who had adopted grand kids, nieces & nephews, and even several prospective adoptive parents. Most of the people that came just for support (some even coming and handing some money without any purchase) were touched by adoption.

I was a little worried about posting it as an international adoption b/c unfortunately I know some people feel that we should adopt from the states only. And, I did run into one woman whom I overheard telling my mom, "Why don't they help out kids in our own country." So, I kindly walked over and explained that we looked into all avenues of adoption and it was our belief that every child deserves a family regardless of where they are from. And, that because of certain rules and restrictions (like the fact that we already have three children) we probably would not look to ideal for birth moms that were choosing families. After I spoke with her she smiled and said she didn't realize how rude her comment was. But, other than that everyone was very kind.

And, we were able to raise $800 in just a few hours. $49 of which my sweet Captain made at his water and candy sale. He was upselling people and telling them about the adoption. When anyone walked up he would ask them if they would like some water or candy... it was adorable and I think it helped to lighten the mood.

Thanks Again to everyone who Helped!!!


msl said...

Yayyyy!!! So happy to hear things went so well!!

Calmil2 said...

Hey, that's a great day!!! I love that you walked right up and explained your choice to that woman :) and way to go Cam!