Monday, July 13, 2009


I haven't talked much about adoption lately b/c Hubby and I were taking a break from the idea... trying to make sure that it was the best choice for our family, trying to figure out the finances etc... But, as many adoptive parents will attest sometimes adoption is not really something we choose. It is more of a path that was laid out for us.
For some reason adoption was placed in our hearts a long long time age, for some reason we both vocalized that inner voice and agreed that we needed to do something about it. And, for some reason every time we try to turn away or change course some huge sign comes out of nowhere and hits us both (honestly we have had numerous moments where we felt like we were in Evan Almighty-- those kinds of signs). For example (small example here b/c it just happened) Hubby and I have always talked about adopting a boy. We toy with age but never gender. Until today in the car I turned to him and asked him if he was still thinking boy b/c for the past few days I had been contemplating the possibility of a girl. To my surprise (b/c when we started the process he was adamant about a boy) he turned to me and said he had been thinking the same thing. I didn't think much of that conversation as it ended there and I figured the boys just had a lot of energy at the aquarium and we were tired (as some of you experienced parents of boys know-- they have the tendency to tire you out). But, then tonight (or I guess this morning) I woke up at 3am and could not sleep. I finally came downstairs after tossing and turning got onto my computer to research some fun stuff to do when Hubby and I go away for la-la love weekend (our anniversary) next weekend. But, instead I end up at one of my adoption support groups and I come across a woman from my agency's blog here who has just returned with her new daughter from Ethiopia. Guess what she has two biological sons and a biological daughter (who happens to be named *** too) and they are the same ages as my bunch. It got me thinking maybe a girl would be good? Anyhoo, my question to you is... Is there really a reason these types of things happen? Should I ignore them? Think of them as coincidence even though I have a loooong list of "coincidences"???
Going back to the yard sale woman who questioned why I am choosing to adopt from Ethiopia... I don't know that I did "choose" the path I am on.
I do not consider myself any sort of super parent, nor do I think that financially this is a walk in the park. I can tell you there are moments the three children I have exhaust me. Not to mention the stress of others telling you all the reasons our "decision" to adopt does not make any sense. However, I am pressing forward as I feel I can not sit and doubt in the dark what has been shown to me in the light.
If you have a similar experience lay 'em on me. How did you respond to your coincidences?

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We 'R McGee said...

I only barely believe in coincidences. I believe God can work through you whether you adopt a boy OR a girl, and either would be a blessing. As you ponder this decision, I pray you would hear the still small voice of God and respond in whatever way you feel is appropriate.