Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And, We're Back!!!

Okay so I took the summer off of adoption talk to make sure that I was confident and prepared- as much as one could be for the process. And, I say I b/c Hubby needed no said break :) But, I had some worries about finances, how my three kids would handle an edition, and I also had a hard time with all the choices available when you adopt.
When you get pregnant there is no choosing. You get what you get so to speak. There are no discussions on if you can help a child learn a new language or if you think a 4 year old would be able to bond with you. You don't worry about disrupting birth order or explaining your adoption choice with your family members.
So, after a few months off I discovered what I knew all along and what my husband never doubted and that is that we are adopting, and we are adopting not to save a child or to fill some empty void... but much more simply to have one more loving sweet face at our dinner table. We are adding an edition that will bring us joy and yes sometimes pain. We are bringing a new child with which comes a whole new dynamic for our family and we are THRILLED out of our minds to meet them someday.
With my time off I lost some ground on my paperwork etc... So, now I am trying to make up for lost time and scramble to get all my paperwork for the dossier done. Whew... it is a lot of paperwork. I also have to finish my classes for my home study. I have a lot to do before my busy season at work starts next month. And, I need to get this all done quickly b/c I am worried about my adoption being finalized before the tax credit ends at the end of 2010 (in case it is not renewed).
With that said, if any of you have tips on getting this paperwork done in a hurry I would love to hear 'em.


msl said...

So happy you have peace of mind and are moving forward!! I love what you said about not adopting to save a child or fill a void but to have one more loving sweet face at your dinner table!! You rock!!

Little Ethiopia(n) said...

we took a break also at the beginning of our adoption process and it was the best thing for us. When we started back up we KNEW--in a way we didn't before--that we were doing the right thing at the right time in the right way. Good luck with the next steps!