Sunday, February 23, 2014

Its been WAY too long... let's start catching up!!!

Okay so it has been a crazy crazy... perfectly wonderful & amazing year!!!  Hubs and I took a wonderful trip to Bali and Singapore to celebrate 10 years of marriage last May following my last post.  It was wonderful to get to re-connect with him after everything we have been through (we have weathered a lot in our short marriage).  Hubby lost his mom, we removed ourselves from a family business, had three kids, built two businesses together and adopted a child who had extreme trauma issues.  Its just a lot to type out- Phew!

To leave all of that behind and go to such a peaceful amazing country and spurge on our every wish was just DREAMY!!!  Again, I find myself just trying to step back and take it all in.  Life is amazing and I feel so very blessed to have lived the life I have lived so far.

Anyhoo... I will have to post more on Bali later.  But, that trip allowed us to really connect.  To look back at the past 10 years and dream about what the next ten will bring.  We vowed to slow down and really appreciate our lives.  We've been in such a rat race and now we are just trying to breathe and be grateful for our lives and spend quality time with our kids while they are... well... while they are still kids!

So, all of that led to us deciding (well me deciding and then convincing Hubby) that we wanted one more child just to savor our kids and extend our parenting.  And, we also confirmed that I was going to stay home and be the best house wife and mom EVER!

And, that is exactly where I find myself now.  It is February 2014 nearly a year since my last post and I have been home mostly since last May but completely seperate from work since Sept. 15th when we welcomed sweet baby Grace into our family.

Yes... you read that right.  We adopted a beautiful baby girl through private adoption.  Her birth parents chose us to be her family in June... we flew to meet them in July and then she was born September 15th.  It was an amazing whirlwind.

Life is so sweet!  Grace is an angel.  Plus, her birth parents are an amazing couple who were so sweet to M*.  Walking through Grace's adoption with us was such a healing process for him.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience.  
(More details will follow bc I want to document these past months so I can look back).

So here I am.  A Kick Axx wife/ stay at home mom living out my dream.  I am enjoying my husband and my kids more than I ever have.  And, best of all I am having a ton of FUN!!!

It really is true that the storms in your life bring the biggest silver linings.  
Things are just GOOD right now!!!

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