Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter 2013

I love Easter.  It is such a wonderful time of year.  I love teaching the kids about the sacrifice that Christ made to allow us to live this amazing life... I love the fresh spring flowers... the babies and the beautiful sunshine.  I love dying eggs and watching the kids run as fast as they can to find all the Easter eggs. 

This year was especially fun bc we were able to spend it with our closest friends.  I am so blessed by these amazing women that I am lucky enough to have in my life.  When I was younger it seemed like girls were always full of so much drama.  Friendships were difficult and full of self doubt and manipulation.  But, these girls are none of that.  They are honest, kind, caring, truly beautiful amazing and talented women.  They support me no matter what and they are honest with me and confront me when they know I am doing something wrong.  They are wonderful!!!

Not only are my girlfriends amazing but we are made up of mostly adoptive and transracial families so our adopted children have all of these friends who have the same story (or at least similar) as they do.  Not to mention they are around families that look like ours.  I think this normalizes the whole adoption experience and makes it easier for our kids to be "different" around other families.  I think it gives them confidence in knowing there are other families just like ours and maybe we are not so "different" after all!


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