Monday, October 8, 2012

Lovin Life!!

I am so amazed at Sweet M's progress and I feel the need to share it with others.  We had quite a rough transition and when we turned to the adoption community it was hard to find others that were in a spot like we were.  And, when we did most times the news we would hear was devastating.  Options were things like residential treatment, disruption and mental institutional care.

Thank goodness we had the three F's- Faith, Family & Friends.  We were able to get through the hard times and wake up every day trying to do our best.  Now don't get me wrong there were days that we certainly failed and ugliness poured out of us from the exhaustion and lack of hope.  But, we kept on trying.  We kept wiping the slate clean, pouring out love and somehow slowly our lives began to improve.

I had the most amazing start to the new school year when Sweet M* brought his first progress report home with all E's (like A's in kindergarten).  His teacher had nothing but excellent remarks for my little guy and I cried.  It was like holding a miracle in my hand and I have never been so proud of any one my entire life.

So, the reason I have not been blogging is still bc I am catching up on lost time.  Just having fun playing and loving on my four amazing kids.  If you know anyone who has questions about adopting toddlers or anyone is is struggling with a child still in transition please have them comment on this post with their email address- I would love to help give another family the hope and support to get through those dark days.

Here are some pics of our amazing summer:

We went to Disneyworld:

We also went to Aulani this past summer and island hopped to Maui to visit Papa:

Sweet M* had a birthday:

Plus, we did some other fun stuff:
 Visited Carsland with cousins

 We saw Shamu!!
 Had a Blast on the Fourth
 The older boys went indoor skydiving

See... we have been VERY BUSY having lots of FUN!!!

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Xi Sander said...

It's true, the three F's really get us through, I know it did with mine. I'm glad the kids had fun, it's so sweet and touching to see them smile.Their laughter is pretty priceless too.