Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess Who's a Citizen!!!

Today we completed Sweet M*'s re-adoption- Woot! Woot! For some reason this just feels SOOO good. Maybe its because for years I have been in this paper process and now I am finally free from it. Maybe its because it marks another transition for our family. Maybe its because it meant so much to M* and it was so neat to see him so happy talking to the judge. But, most likely it is the combination of all of the above as are most things in life. I guess today just felt like one of those moments where everything comes together perfectly... like a dream.

I look back at the start of this whole crazy process and I am amazed. I am amazed that it actually happened. I am stunned that we have gotten where we are after looking back on those horrible first days. I wonder what the heck were we thinking?? We had three kids, a business and we were in our twenties??? We knew nothing about adoption or attachment... heck we knew nothing about Africa.

But, when I look back the word that sums up my feelings best is GRATEFUL... I am so very GRATEFUL. Sweet M* has changed me and made me grow in so many wonderful ways. He has added so much compassion and love in the hearts of each of our biological children and countless other family members and friends that are graced with his presence. I am grateful that I have the privilege of him snuggling close to me as he calls me mom.

I am also grateful that his birth family made the incredibly hard decision to make an adoption plan for M*. I am grateful that we were lucky enough to meet M*'s birth father and not a day goes by that his Ethiopian family is not in my prayers and thoughts. I want to let them know how he is doing. Let them see how healthy he is... how much he has grown (10 inches and 17 pounds in 10 months). I hope we are able to travel back to Ethiopia and meet them someday. I want all of our kids to go next time. What an amazing trip that would be!

Adoption is messy. Adoption is hard. Adoption is exhausting. Adoption is unfair. Adoption is heartbreaking.

BUT... it is also wonderful, amazing, powerful and joyous. It brings two completely different worlds together that feel like they were always suppose to be joined.

And, I am so GRATEFUL I am lucky enough to have adoption in my life.


msl said...

Congratulations!!! Big day for everybody!!!

Chrissy said...

I need a kleenex! I'm so happy for you! Sweet M looks so happy!

MRK said...

Congratulations! I have to add that you put all of this into words so well. You have captured the joy and the sadness and how it all comes together to change a family just perfectly (at least, in our experience).