Friday, June 11, 2010

Learning Language- #2

Wow... so Sweet M*'s language is just exploding. He says so many new things everyday that I don't even know if I can really keep track.

Some recent ones are: go far Nana, this way, M* do it, come on, no more, no thank you, pool, dinosaur, slide, ride, bikes, eyes, ears, cups, sit down, uppie (not a real word I know but still its a toddler word), bubbles, paint, color, hungry, bird, M*'s turn, baby, bigger, big kid, girl, boy, sit down, yelling, down, funny, cake, clean up, trees, grass, house, puzzle, tree, grass, broken & duck. He also says laughing, carrier, eating, cleaning, and washing.

The other daily improvement is how much he understands me. I can now speak to him using the same phrases I would use with Belle (my other 2 year old) and he totally understands me. There is a lot less gesturing now. This has also helped with tantrums bc he doesn't get as frustrated with me not understanding him or him not understanding me.

One thing that really helps is using Harvey Karp's fast food rule where when I see that he is frustrated I repeat back to him what he is telling me. Like today he wanted to ride bikes outside, but we couldn't because we were getting ready to leave. So, I said, "M* wants bikes outside, M* wants bikes outside. But, mommy said no and now M* is sad. I am sorry." And, he just stopped the tears looked at me and wanted a hug.

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