Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day 2009!!!

Last Year I posted about World AIDS Day, but even though I meant the words it still felt distant. This year as our adoption process has progressed and I have researched and educated myself about AIDS and its devastating effects on Africa I feel much different. I feel like it is my responsibility to spread the word about AIDS and its myths.

When I first talked to my family about our plans to adopt from Africa one of the first things that everyone was concerned about was what if my new son ended up having AIDS. It bothered me then, but it enrages me now to think about peoples misconception of the disease. And, I know it is simply ignorance. So, here is a link to the CDC's website. They have some wonderful information about HIV and AIDS there. You can also check out Lisa's blog here she is a adoptive mom who has listed a few ways YOU can help. And, watch the video below to see what medicine can do to combat this disease... the proof is astounding.

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