Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trip (part deux)

I was looking back through the pictures this morning from our trip and I wanted to recap some of my favorite moments. As I mentioned before I love our vacations... and I really love watching my kids interact with each other in a place where the daily routine is gone and they can just be together and have fun.
Some of the things I noticed on this trip are...
Captain Crazy is getting more comfortable in front of crowds and other people. He actually was letting loose and having fun on the trip telling jokes and dancing around. In fact he won a dance contest in the kids club. Plus, this was the first trip he actually went to the kids activities without us. Although, I don't think he would have if his younger brother wasn't with him.

Cuddlebear ensures there is never a dull moment. He is funny and witty... one of my favorite comments he made on the cruise was "so, dad... how's it goin' with the ladies?" Aside from the humor he is also such a caring thoughtful little guy. He would go with Captain to the kids club so Captain wasn't scared. He made sure that Belle saw all her favorite princesses and he was even concerned with how we would thank our servers on the cruise.

Belle is all of our princess. The girl knows how to work us (and everyone else), and with those big blue eyes and dimples it doesn't take much. My favorite moment with her on this trip was how she took the Disney employee's literally when they called her princess and she went to her dad and asked him if he would like to take a picture with the princess (being her) and if wanted to sit on her lap so she could sign his book (get her autograph). I laughed so hard. Belle was also quite adventurous, she went on her first roller coaster on this trip and when it was over I asked her if she liked it and she responded, "yes... I can go faster."
I can only imagine what my little Ethiopian man is going to add. I am excited and thrilled to find out. The waiting is going good... the thing that is hard for me is not knowing when we will get the call, how old he is going to be, or when he will actually be home. I can't plan and I kind of feel like I am just "on hold" for awhile. As the holidays creep in I can't help but think maybe this is our last Christmas without him. Maybe next year he will be home and we will be complete. I truly hope so!!!


Rachael and Jon said...

Thanks for awarding my blog!!! :) way fun! It's always nice to know people actually read what i write! haha. i loved your disney pics! do you live near disney? it seems like you guys go a lot!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Love the pictures - you're kids are so cute, especially Ella with that smile! Looks like you guys had a fun time on your vacation :)

adventures north said...

What a joyful, beautiful bunch you are!

Zoe said...

Looks like such a happy trip, Amber! And very different weather than up our way :-)