Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boys Birthday Disneyland Trip!!

The Two Birthday Boys, on a ride mom refuses to ride!

Walking around with their sister, while dad pushes an empty double stroller??

Cuddlebear as Stitch

The boys went to Build a Bear and picked out cute soft animals, while Baby Belle tried to convince us to buy her a dinosaur

All 3 Almost

Dad sneaking a shot of mom
Next to the Big Tree, although this year it is fake :(

The housecleaning surprised the boys and decorated the room on our last night there. They found all of the boys stuffed animals they brought and they put them on the bed with some confetti. The sweetest part was the woman was waiting around the corner to watch the boys walk in the room. It was so sweet!!! The boys are convinced though that Goofy had something to do with the decorating.

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