Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beware of Pirates!!!

Stow Your Weapons...
Dad's artistic snapshot
A Giant Pirate Bouncer
The Birthday Boys (Captain Crazy 6 / Cuddlebear 4)
Baby Sister having fun outside
A Must!!!
Everyone was having fun
A Peg Leg Race (3 leg race--Captain's request)
Partnering Up

The Winners of the RaceCuddlebear analyzing the pinata from above before his turn
Captain Crazy blowing out the candles on a beautiful and delicious cake thanks to Auntie L and Uncle B's Baskin Robbins..Thank You!!The pirate party was a swashbuckling great time. Captain Crazy and Cuddlebear had so much fun with all of their family and friends, and were so grateful for all the wonderful gifts they received!!

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