Tuesday, March 5, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

 I have been cooking up a storm lately.  I think it was helping me through my stressful decision of whether or not I could actually stay home.  Turns out I'm pretty decent in the kitchen now.  I have really come a long way coming from a family that did not do much home cooking.  What I have been most excited about is I am cooking clean, whole, healthy meals.  The kids are digging it.  They especially loved the pineapple fried rice with shrimp that I served in these pineapple boats!!!
 We were lucky enough to get to go to an early viewing of Oz before it came out to the public which the kids thought was pretty cool!  The movie was much better than I had anticipated too so it turned out to be a fun event.
 That same weekend we went to the pirates dinner adventure which the kids thought was a total blast.  We were joined by even more close family so the night was pretty fun.

 Belle got picked to be in the show (well... by picked you should read her uncle lied and said it was her birthday) and she LOVED it!  She did almost fall in the water while attempting to throw her gold coin in the water.  But, thankfully she made it out safely ;)

 Belle brought her Merida with her to the hotel and asked me to take her picture.  She is getting so big.
 Cuddlebear is getting so old and he has impressed me so much.  He is the perfect older brother.  He is on student council, made honor roll and loves helping out with the littles.  I cannot wait to see what he does in life.
Sweet M* has had a fascination with being an actor from watching Disney channel so when an opportunity presented himself I jumped.  I let him audition for a part in a tv show.  He didn't get it but I was so proud of him for wanting something, talking to me about it and then being brave enough to try it.  He was so excited.  What was really cool about the experience is he realized I did it just for him and he was very appreciative.  He has come SO FAR I can hardly believe it.  Such an amazing boy!!!