Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

New Year's is one of those holidays in my book that typically passes by without much fuss.  Maybe its because I had kids so young and don't really remember one prior to them being part of it?  Or maybe its because staying up until midnight with toddlers or trying to find a sitter on New Year's isn't easy.

But, something about this year has me excited.  I feel like it is going to be a GREAT year for us.  I also feel like there is so much that could happen within this year and I am just waiting for His Plan to unfold.  

So, what did we do to celebrate?  We dressed up (again in our Christmas clothes bc this momma didn't get a family picture last time), went out to all you can eat sushi (YUM) and partied at home watching the Back to the Future trilogy.  May not sound like a fun filled night but honestly it was!  We were also joined by my parents, sister and one friend whose like family to us.  We are so blessed to be surrounded always by so much love & laughter!!!

Here are some photos from the night:

 Looking good in their Christmas outfits!!!
 The whole gang
 Me with the BEST husband in the world
 Can't get closer to family with this girl... We LOVE her!!!
 My mom and sister amusing me by wearing funny tiara's ;)
 A handsome little guy
 Mr. Cool
Watching the Countdown
 My New Year's Kiss
What's a New Year's without banging on some pots and pans.

I hope you had a fun filled & safe New Year's as well!!