Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7 and 5... How did that happen???

When you are a new mom everyone always tells you that your kids are going to grow up fast. And, when they are in the phase of tantrums and meltdowns sometimes you think (to yourself) yeah... they couldn't grow fast enough. Judge me all you want but you know you've at least thought it at one time or another :) But, really once they enter kindergarten something happens. Time takes off and your baby grows like a weed.

Captain Crazy turns 7 this week and Cuddlebear turns 5 next week and I think I may have shed a tear when I wrote those numbers on their cakes this past weekend. For some reason the odd years always seem like they are a bigger jump to me.
This year their birthday was a little quieter than most... but they did get a gift that is pretty awesome. We surprised them the morning of their party with a Disney Cruise. We set sail real soon and they are so excited they can't even stand it. And, I am thrilled that I get to slow down and spend a few weeks with them without a care in the world. Vacationing with my kids makes me feel like I can make time stand still so I can relish in their sweet youthfulness before they are all grown. I think that I learn so much about them as individuals and it really brings our family closer together when we can just be together without all the hussle and bussle of our busy lives.

On the adoption front we mailed our first big check (ha... bc we have been paying lots of checks here and there already) and the two passport pics for each of us that were missing from our file so we are still chugging along. There won't be much to report as the waiting is basically just that... waiting. Hubby and I will need to start getting some shots for our travel. Hubby still goes back and forth on whether he thinks we can both really travel together. I can't imagine doing it any other way. I really want us to experience Ethiopia together. We will see I suppose.
Now that I have talked about adoption it just reminded me that this could be our last family vacation without our missing link. Referrals have been coming in my request range at about 6 months of waiting, so maybe by the next trip we will be complete.


Karen Phillips said...

your kiddos are SO cute:) it's very true...once they're in school, time literally flies! i just wish we could slow it down a bit! disney cruise sounds amazing, and i can't wait to see your new little one home and in the arms of family...remind me what age and gender you guys are requesting...

Calmil2 said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful, healthy trip (wink, wink)....can I come?

missy said...

we LOVED disney cruise! what a fun birthday surprise. your cakes are so cute...your kids are even cuter!