Friday, May 8, 2009

It's been awhile :)

So, a lot has been going on over here. We are almost through our spring season at work, helping schools get donations, Captain's basketball, Cuddlebear's singing, school end of the year mumbo jumbo, home study paperwork, moving our work office, my doctors and dentist appt.'s... ugh!!!

So, we took a few weeks off of adoption- schmoption to see where things were going with our current agency and to see if a switch was needed (we are still trying to figure this one out). This led to us realizing that summer is here and we will have to move slower through our paperwork process the next few months b/c our summer funds get a little tight (ahhh.. the seasonal business). I am still working on a yard sale for those who so graciously said you could donate some of your used stuff... I am thinking sometime in June. But, with the slow down means our 3-Day Weekends Full of Fun are coming... hip hip hooray.

Hubby and I started this last year and it is fantastic. We take Fridays off the entire summer and we do day trips around our state and little night stays here and there. I am so excited b/c we get a little sneak peek at the summer get-aways this weekend because we are going away for Mother's Day. I can't wait!!!! I feel like we get so much closer with the kids and we really all bond and re-connect as a family. And, the great thing is there are so many ways to do this on a tight budget. We bring snacks, food, & our ice chest from home. We already have all our beach/ outside toys that we bring with us. We stop at my fav place Trader Joes and pick up pre-made sandwiches etc... near our beach or hotel. And, it is so much fun when you look up local beaches and parks online (yelp helps). Being a tourist in your own town and its surrounding community has so many perks... you should try it!!! I could not believe how many places were an hour away and yet I had never traveled to them before.

As I have been trying to step back from the adoption process I sort of stepped away from my blog too. Which is why I may have overcompensated with some cute pics of the kiddos below. I think my kids are so darn cute... so YES I know I am "that" mom :) Oh, well... at least hopefully the grandparents will enjoy!!!



Julie said...

Seriously cute kiddos!

Calmil2 said...

Your kids are so darn cute!!!! Hey, I need some of these ideas about how to take weekend vacations on a tight budget!!! And I have a bunch of stuff for your garage sale :)