Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Off..or Not??

Well, today was supposed to be a day off for me.
I was supposed to be "observing" the presidents holiday. But, it did not feel like a day off.
First we had to go to Belle's doctor appointment because she is still sick after 10 days of a hefty antibiotic from a possible sinus infection that keeps coming back every few weeks for the past two months. From there I was sent to have x-rays done for her to see what was going on. So, myself and the three kiddos waited in a waiting room for an hour to be told we could not get her x-rays because she could not go in herself and the boys could not come in nor could they sit and wait by themselves...would have been nice to know that information when we checked in. But, lucky for us super dad was nearby and came to our rescue.
Next we drove back home had lunch and laid the kids down for a quick nap. But, by the time I cleaned up after lunch... I had to drag the kids out of bed to take the boys to their new dentist. Sounds like an easy task... but, it turns out there are four different dental offices with the same name in T-Town... and it took me three times today to find the right one...ugh!!!
Not the "day off" I had in mind.

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