Sunday, September 14, 2008

Disneyland Two Saturdays in a Row!

Baby Belle was entertaining the crowd before the parade started.
She was waving and saying hi to everyone.
I love their dimples!!!
Baby Belle was walking (er...running) all over the place while her brothers
were napping in the stroller.
As usual the boys found some exciting hats in one of the lovely stores that disney puts at the exits of rides.
Baby Belle kept pointing saying "this...this"...and making hoof noises with her mouth.
It looks like this lil' girl likes horses.
A relaxing ride on the non-moving ferris wheel
(we made the mistake of riding the swinging ones before)
Aren't they handsome!

Baby Belle trying to beat her brothers score on Buzz

Cuddlebear was picked to be trained by the Jedi!!! He even got to fight Darth Vader. We couldn't believe how brave he was. Master Yoda even awarded him with a special certificate.
Good job Cuddlebear!

Finally, peace and quiet. To all that question Hubby and I about our love for Disney.
Tell me how often are you able to have a quiet, peaceful conversation in your household without falling asleep yourself? For Hubby and I it is rare, but the hour ride home is Sweet Bliss!

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